ANMS Emerging Artists is a private lesson enrichment program, for ages 8-18, designed to bolster your child’s musical journey. Students become part of the EA community, developing performing and listening skills, while also connecting with other musicians. Emerging Artists are recognized at Music in May and receive a medal or trophy.

Each student is placed into a level by the teacher and program coordinator


Setting goals.

Setting tangible goals, with the help of their private lesson teacher, motivates students and makes it easier to see one’s growth as a musician. This structured process allows Emerging Artists to get excited about practicing, workshops, recitals, and the celebration at Music in May.


Gain experience.

Emerging Artists participate in a workshop where they rehearse a work-in-progress, receive coaching by an ANMS faculty member, and are able to hear other Emerging Artists. Each student also performs fully rehearsed pieces on student recitals and receives written feedback about the performance.

Celebrate together.

Kick off the year with a pizza party where the Emerging Artist students meet each other, new students receive their EA t-shirt and learn about the year ahead. The Emerging Artist program culminates at ANMS’ all day music festival, Music in May, on May 19, 2018. Students perform on recitals, receive their medals, trophies and certificates.

There are four Emerging Artists levels.



The minimum age for entering the Emerging Artist program is 8 yrs old. This entry level is for students in their 2nd through 4th year of private lesson study. This level focuses on performing in recitals and learning scales and arpeggios. Prelude students attend one concert in the ANMS Live Music Series, experiencing music performed by professional musicians. Students are awarded a medal at the end of the year and receive a Certificate of Achievement.


Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Private lesson students move on to these levels after completing Prelude. Alternatively, intermediate/advanced students may enter the upper levels at any time. To determine your appropriate EA level, students should consult their teacher. Guidelines are available in the ANMS lobby. These upper levels focus on performing in workshops and recitals. In addition, there is a pre-concert “What to Listen For” session, and concert attendance requirement. Gold II level students perform a 30 minute solo recital at the school. Students are awarded a trophy at the end of the year and receive a Certificate of Achievement.