Financial Assistance Program

Our mission of 'Music for All' is at the heart of our Financial Aid Program. We are committed to providing you with a quality music education regardless of financial circumstances. Aid is available for private lessons, classes and ensembles.

Step One: Complete the Financial Aid Application
Step Two: Submit Financial Aid Application and Tuition Deposit to the front office.

Applications must include the deposit to be considered for financial aid.

Step Three: The Financial Aid Committee meets in August to review all applications. We have a limited amount of funds and we do our best to eliminate financial barriers.

Step Four: Award letters will be mailed to your home and emailed once an award has been determined.

Please apply before the last week of August for the fall semester and 2nd week in January for the spring semester.

All applications are 100% confidential. Funding for financial aid is made possible through our Endowment. These funds have been established specifically to make music available to all.