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Band Program Information and Professional Coaches

Our rock, jazz and blues ensembles provide an opportunity for all musicians to experience different genres of music.

The program allows classically trained musicians to crossover to contemporary ensemble playing. Our Berklee School of Music trained instructors make every effort to accommodate all instrumentalists. Each band participates in live performances, one of which is held in a professional venue.


*Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keys, Voice, Winds, Brass, Violin* Performing with others is an essential element to any musical education. With a professional coach, students will learn performance skills, improvisation, communication as a group, as well as practice techniques. All bands will participate in live performances throughout the year, including one in a professional venue. Each year five deserving students receive the Billy Kroner Scholarship for demonstrating outstanding musical ability, given through faculty recommendations.

Ages 9 and up
Rock Coach: Wendy Sobel
Rock Coach: Ian Aaberg
Rock Coach: Matt Edwards
Rock Coach: Mike Giordano
Tuition: $500 for 28 professional coaching sessions

Band Placement Deposit: $100 refundable deposit is required to apply for a band. Once your band is formed, the remaining $400 of tuition is due. If we are unable to place you into a band that works with your schedule, a refunded will be issued your deposit.

The stavis recording studio


Located on our lower floor, The Stavis Recording Studio is designed to handle a wide variety of music recording. Our experienced coaches and our audio engineer help singer-songwriters, vocalists, rock/jazz bands and even classical musicians produce professional quality recordings for EPs, CD releases, and college auditions. 

Recording Engineer: Ian Aaberg
Recording Engineer: Mike Giordano