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This is all possible thanks to the generations of donors and volunteers who give every year and make a difference every day.

Make a difference today. Please give generously.

Do you know…our  history?

 All Newton Music School was originally established in 1911 as a community-focused settlement school

We welcomed newly arrived immigrants to our community by offering classes in local customs, language, music, and art.

As we have evolved into the renowned non-profit community music school we are today, the original core value of bringing people together through arts education for all ages continues to fulfill our mission of Music for All.

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Do you know… your impact?

When you give to All Newton Music School, your gift of any amount impacts 100% of our students, faculty, families, and audience members.

Every dollar donated goes directly towards creating an inclusive atmosphere that enables our students, faculty, staff, and volunteers to be teachers, mentors, friends, artists, coaches, musicians, and music lovers!