Endowed Named Funds, explained.

A powerful giving opportunity at All Newton Music School.

There is a family and a story behind every Named Fund.

For decades, many in our community have chosen to support All Newton Music School students over an extended period through the power of Named Fund gifts.

All Newton Music School offers opportunities to contribute to existing Endowment Named Funds, or establish a new Named Fund with a gifts $25,000 or above. Funds may be named for the donor or in memory of a loved one.

The principal of the gift is invested, and a portion of the return is used each year to support programming, outreach, and financial aid.


Named Funds Spotlight

Clarinet Quartet 7 copy.jpeg

Donald Schön Clarinet Quartet Fund

This fund was established in memory of Donald Schön, beloved husband of sculptress Nancy Schön, a longtime friend of All Newton. Thanks to this endowed fund, young students, advanced high school musicians, and adults, have had fantastic experiences playing in clarinet chamber ensembles together.


Instruments for change

The Instruments for Change Fund allows All Newton Music School to recycle instruments in need of repair by accepting non-usable instruments, refurbishing them, and distributing the instruments to All Newton students of need. Loaning instruments to students that cannot afford to rent or purchase their own instruments helps All Newton fulfill our mission of  “Music for All”, while changing a student's life with music.


Billy Kroner Ensemble Scholarship

Billy’s son Gene, in his search for a special way to celebrate his father, sought out All Newton Music School as a vehicle for providing financial aid for new musicians. We continue to work with the family to assure that Billy Kroner will be remembered as a man who loved music and the joy music could bring to special moments in one’s life. The Billy Kroner fund has been instrumental in supporting our Rock Band Program.

Current Endowed Named Funds


Funds for Community Outreach

John and Kae Bowes Memorial for Con Brio

Funds for Programming

Cornelia Anderson
Julian D. Anthony Family
Sidney & Arthur Barnes
Richard B. Carter Trust for Special Programming
Mabel T. Eager & Lillian W. West
Edith Lloyd Garrison Memorial
Barbara Goldfinger Fund for Education
Gladys Avery Lebert
Newton Centre Women’s Club
Newtonville Women’s Club
Florence Avery Moore
Gift of John & Frances Morse from the Elizabeth Fry & Dupont Kirven Foundation

Funds for General Operating

Friends of ANMS
Bessie Hartshorne
William Preston Helms
Franklin S. & Mabel A. Hoyt
Irving & Edyth Usen
Andrew Wolf Memorial

Funds for Music Support Services

Instruments for Change
Werner Chasin Music Library
Robert Wernikoff for Piano Maintenance


Funds for Financial Assistance and Support

William Lester Bates Scholarship
Caroline Hamilton Financial Aid Fund
Armin G. Biller
George F. Brewer
Lillith Nell Brewer
Roberta Brilliant Scholarship for Children
F. Lyman Clark Scholarship
Gretchen Clifford
Frances B. Fernald
Beatrice M. Flaschner
Irene W. Forté Fund with special remembrance of Marion Chidsey
Elizabeth Fyffe Scholarship
Anne Gombosi Scholarship
Ruth Greenwold Scholarship
Robert A. Keller
Cecil & Roslyn Kopperman
Billy Kroner Ensemble Scholarship
Luke/Seaver Scholarship
Signa MacPhail Scholarship
Muse Family Scholarship in Honor of Pat Smith
William McDowell Nizzari
Loomis & Martha Patrick
Emmanuel W. & Nini Perlo
Edward & Ruth Piken Chamber Music Scholarship
Charles Edward & Agnes Winslow Riley Scholarship
Daniel M. Rink Scholarship
Theresa S. Roth Scholarship Fund
Donald Schön, Clarinet Quartet Scholarship
Mary Scipione Scholarship
Joseph Silverstein String Scholarship
Willoughby Family
Josephine Brewer Winter
Mabel B. Worth Scholarship
Lyman Ziegler