We believe in the power of our community music school education.

We are thrilled to welcome you to All Newton Music School,
your non-profit music and cultural resource center.

As a student of All Newton Music School, you are surrounded by the sounds of various instruments and voice performing music of all genres, from classical to folk to rock. 

Meet children and adults pursuing music for the simple joy of it, those with aspirations to become professional musicians, or students thriving in our music therapy program.  As a community music school, we offer our students frequent performance opportunities on recitals, festivals, and workshops. Throughout the year, you are invited to attend professional live music performances by our incredible faculty and guest artists.

One-on-one lessons.


Our Mission is a promise to the community.

Learn about our Financial Assistance Program:


Our mission is Music for All.

We are committed to providing you with access to quality music education regardless of financial circumstances. Aid is available for private lessons, classes and ensembles.

Please apply before the last week of August for the fall semester and 2nd week in January for the spring semester.

All applications are 100% confidential. Funding for financial aid is made possible through our Endowment. These funds have been established specifically to make music available to all.

NOTE: We have limited funds available, tuition deposits required to review Financial Aid applications, please read the application requirements carefully.