Team Sports and Music Ensembles

We experience teams during every stage of life, from youth sports, group projects in school, our family units, to the high-stakes teams we encounter throughout our careers.

There has always been one obvious activity that is known to kickstart the team spirit in any child: team sports!

We intrinsically understand organized team sports provide youth with real-world experience honing the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in future team atmospheres.

However, learning teamwork does not always require a helmet: Like sports, making music is an incredible team effort. Creating music as a group requires dedication and practice with a private instructor as well as rehearsals with your small ensemble, school band or orchestra. Music rehearsals promote good listening and communication skills and provide youth with a real understanding of personal responsibility. Nothing inspires self-motivated instrument practice like an upcoming ensemble performance. Every member of the music team is valuable and plays their part to bring a symphony or song to life. Playing the final note of a concert elicits the same pride and thrill as scoring a touchdown, goal, or basket.


The teacher/conductor is a team coach. Conductors and music teachers provide excellent examples of leadership for youth. As experts in their field, they inspire a love of music and foster a camaraderie between ensemble members based on mutual respect and hard work.

Whether you are watching your child's Saturday soccer tournaments or listening to them play evening orchestra concerts, or perhaps you’re juggling both, you are helping your child become a valuable team contributor.

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