The Piano.

The most versatile of instruments.

The piano brings back memories of social gathering one would host in their home, from dinner parties to holiday celebrations. You play the piano by hitting its 88 black and white keys with your fingers which lift hammers inside the piano that strike strings which produce its distinctive and unforgettable sound. The piano has the largest range of any instrument. It is tuned by professionals, and you can play many notes at once using both your hands. We have 12 piano teaching studios with faculty specializing in youth, adults, classical, contemporary, and jazz.



Youth: In your piano lesson at All Newton Music School, you are learning many new skills: h to read an entirely new language (music is a universal language around the world), how to be present, in the moment, and to how to focus on the technique it takes to make the music possible. Music aside, private piano lessons are a great way for you to clear your mind during your week. You get to focus on your creative and artistic side with a dedicated professional teaching artist. Learning how to focus on your musical task-at-hand will help you in many different ways as you get older.

Best age to start: 5 and up (group classes and private lessons available)

Taking adult lessons is somewhat similar to studying piano in childhood. However, there are outstanding exceptions that distinguish adult students from child students. You are now in command of your own musical journey. You collaborate with your teacher to define your goals and path to success. Whether revisiting your instrument or picking one up for the first time, you will join our current two hundred adult students who experience the rewards of studying music. Taking on a new creative challenge is a great change of pace. From there, joining a group, playing on a recital, or just enjoying practicing is a reward in itself. This is your journey, and we will be with you every step of the way.


Piano Faculty