The Voice

The most personal of instruments.

When you enroll in voice lessons, you are committing to an instrument that will be with you for your entire life. Through developing the connection of your breath, posture, vocal folds (chords), and the anatomy of your throat, mouth and facial mask, singing lessons help you develop your unique voice.

Whether you are an adult seeking to hone your skills or want to give your child the gift singing and music appreciation, voice lessons will become a valuable and cherished asset for a lifetime.



Find you unique voice while working with a professional vocal instructor! If you are looking to take the step from ensemble to soloist, voice lessons may be a great fit. It is often best to begin voice lessons once your voice is grounded and you are in middle school, this is particularly true with boys. The vocal quality and tone of your voice will change as you mature.

Note: Once a student has started the process of going through puberty, they will achieve more significant and measurable progress on their instrument.

Best age to start: 10 and up for girls, 12 to 13 for boys


Voice Faculty